July 13, 2011

Hangover III - The Recipe.

I had my sleep, I had a juice, and my phone is M.I.A. so I have no excuses for distraction. Therefore I’m going to tell you how we met the cast for, what I think, would be perfect for Hangover III or, according to Thekla, Sex and the City with guys. There is unfortunately neither sex nor nudity involved and if you wonder why I even begin to tell the story, I can sadly admit that it was the highlight of my week. Since my last date clearly got abducted my rude aliens (they wouldn’t even let him make a courtesy phone call to cancel our date), I have had nothing exciting to kiss and tell. There you have it, this story happened because I didn’t kiss a boy. That’s a first.
It started at &Union with a rather unassuming group of four guys sharing our table. Quickly a conversation was struck over the sharing of some wine and the unassuming group turned out to be so bloody unbelievable that I thought they must have made it up.

Let me summarize the recipe for 5 guys on a bachelor trip so you can follow easily:

2 x Swedish guys - one either a spy or a diplomat
1 x Dane living in Australia
1 x Canadian who doesn’t speak French and also took it with good humour when asked whether he was American Canadian (If I had to be Canadian, thankfully I only have a Yankee accent, I would have moved tables after that remark.)
1 x Bachelor living in Geneva with a condo in Miami.

All of them met when going to school together in Saudi Arabia and meet once a year ever since.

If you read carefully you will now realize that I was talking about four guys first and then added a fifth. You ask why? Well, the bachelor actually wasn’t a bachelor really since his not-future-wife-anymore had left him a few days prior. Apparently she preferred the Miami condo life a bit too much for his taste. To cheer up their mate, they decided to still go on the trip and voila there we all were, happily drinking away at &union together. The bachelor though had felt the need after too many bottles at Rust en Vrede to curl up at their hotel room and be a sad, drunk bachelor-no-more.
Eventually he did come out and proved a good sport following all of us to Zula. There we had as much fun as you can have with 4 married guys and a guy who just got left by his fiancé, which turned out to be not bad at all. It also gave me good material for the characters if I ever want to write a screenplay, because as it turns out my teacher at university was right when he told me that life writes the best stories.

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