August 1, 2011

Anysroad on the road.

Chuck Bass was just shot on Gossip Girl and I cannot find the following episode. I actually don't even know whether this tragic cinematic ending means that the entire season is over, which will mean that I will have to wait even longer to find out if they came up with a good way of brining him back to life. Either way I won't know during the next 14 hours and afterwards I probably won't care anymore. But for the time being Turkish Airlines' inflight program is the only thing I'm really interested in. Since they list Wall-E under new releases in the movie section, one will understand why I get so excited about Gossip Girl season 3...
They also offer all seven Harry Potter, which one can admit openly to like. Only problem is that I can't remember the order just by their titles, so that may become a bit of trial and error. After all one doesn't want to go back to Ron Weasley as a red haired just-nerd in part 1 when you can have geeky cool Ron a la Tom Ford cardigan and glasses in part 7. And yes, I do know Harry is actually the one with the glasses...

In case you haven't guessed – I'm on a plane on my way to Germany. Pitstop in Jo’burg which means no TV as I write, which is truthfully probably why I write. I love inflight movies and most things about flying in general and that does include the food. I'm weird this way. I like it so much, that I was even trying to put together a story with a little list for the Wellness warehouse blog on how to make travel easy and stress free. Today I realized that the only point on the list I actually follow myself is a) Upon arrival have a cold shower and a cold glass of bubbly. Though I usually shower hot and drink the bottle.
Other suggestions included to travel lightly, which already sounds silly to any girl and already my cramping shoulder is once again a reminder that I failed to comply. Same goes for the one that talks about hydrating a lot during the flight, which even I know does not mean drinking G&T followed by red wine and whiskey during the night.
Regardless I am actually no expert, but I am usually never stressed when flying so I guess I must be doing something right. But the problem when writing a story for a wellness blog, you can't really admit that your personal recipe for sleep success are three glasses of red wine followed by two sleeping pills.
So, I'm not perfect, but a happy girl right now and close to take a picture of my little Airbook propped up on the only slightly bigger fold out table. It's as excited as me to be out for the first time in its young life and happy about the admiring looks it is getting. Ok. No. I won't take a picture though, that might be too much. Just imagine it – we do look so pretty together.

By now it is 03h30 and I actually slept a few hours not only thanks to wine and sleeping pill, but also to the fact that I had 2.5 seats. By neighbour at some point realized that it was pointless for him to even try to claim the full seat next to him.
Now it's breakfast and Harry Potter time. I ordered Vishne with my eggs, which is sour cherry juice and it reminds me of my time in Istanbul 6 years ago. Good memories. I'm drifting off again. I already know that Harry will be alright. More once we land...

The second part of the trip wasn't so enjoyable. Two passport controls after one another at the Istanbul airport for no apparent reason whatsoever. Each with a line that made me almost turn around and rather have another 14 hour flight than to to wait my turn. All that in 24 degrees with what seemed 100% humidity at 6 o'clock in the morning. I guess I should have enjoyed it more as it might be the last time on my trip I will feel like summer.
At security I was asked twice whether I had a deodorant or perfume and since I was showing him my products while he asked, I can only assume he was hinting I should finally use it. Fair point I guess, if a bit cheeky.
The flight to Frankfurt was trying to teach me another lesson in patience as I had a mother with a loud toddler and a baby sitting next to me. The baby thought it fun to pull on my jacket throughout. The mother didn't seem to mind very much and it took me all my good memories of baby Isabella not to slap the baby's hand away. One can tell I am not mother maybe, but I was wondering if that was necessary. The baby was lucky that I held back with any judgement other than rolling my eyes.

Now I have an hour to spare before my train goes and the options are overcrowded cafes or a cold platform. I'm choosing the latter and a small stint at the smokers corner, which is a square on the platform contained with a yellow line. Yes, we are outside yet one is not allowed to step over the line while smoking. That is Germany in a nutshell for you.

I'm starting to feel slightly delirious now and it's more than time for that shower and the bottle of bubbly.

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