May 27, 2011

This is boring, don't read it.

Is it better to write something rather unexciting or nothing at all? Your call. I felt bad leaving Friday blank, but my mind is elsewhere today, namely on the blog I’m putting together for my Dad’s birthday. So there. Here is my Friday randomness:

Oblivion. That word popped into my head yesterday and I actually had to look it up. I wasn’t too keen on the meaning, because to me it has a beautiful connotation after yesterday. So for the purpose of this post: oblivion = a good thing i.e. drinking just one glass of wine too many.

Everyone knows by now that I go to Hakim at Enmasse when in need of a bit of TLC. Combined with high, dark ceilings which for an odd reason remind me of my grandmother and Murray’s constant teasing because I’m useless at putting on my pants, it gives me the perfect massage/all around happy combination. The pants thing sounded wrong. Egal. He will know what it means.

Yesterday I was massaged into oblivion (now you understand why I even thought about it) at a spa in Zevenwacht though. I did feel like part of a senior tourist group, was scolded like a child for talking and realized that only hardcore tourist can watch a masseuse do an African dance and break into song without blushing in embarrassment. BUT the treatments were amazing and made me sleep like a baby last night. Sabina and I have now decided that we should become official spa testers. Anyone know where we can apply?

On another note before I run and boss my students around – because people think this is what a good yoga class is all about and who am I to disappoint them – the Gods of Home Affairs smiled on me today and gave me my new work permit after only waiting in line for two hours. The latter part sucked, but it seems they are trying at least.

Now off into weekend oblivion, there is much to do with danger mouse (don’t ask) in town and I promise I will remember to take some pictures for a change and report back on Monday with a more coherent story.

P.S. In case you can’t tell – this title is another one of me testing a theory. P.P.S. By now you will agree with me that everything is in fact better with a llama or at least when written in llama.

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