May 18, 2011

Busy bee.

That's me and now I'm off to drink wine. Quickly sharing some random thoughts, which have been popping into my head over the course of the day.
1. I think this is why my uncle calls my boots cowboy boots though they are not:
image by uncle in question: dirk schwager

Can anyone tell how absolutely terrified I am on this horse?

2. I immediately want to go back to &Union and eat their steak prego again. I am afraid though they may not let me in. Conversation at 11pm was er, lets just call it 'not for other ears' and I think there may have been other ears around.

3. Alphabetical from The Foodie is super yummy (don't you love how sophisticated I am describing it?). My uncle - the one with the Spanglish swear words - would not approve of the label, but I like it. Now I'm excited to go home to the bottle I sneaked out there last night.*
4. I get to see guys half naked tomorrow for a body painting promotion at my office. One of them promised to bring his superman suit. I'm excited, I love superman.

5. Irises are beautiful, but kak flowers who last only about a day.
6. Last but not least: my wonderful friend danger mouse Ruth is coming to CPT next week. I believe we have L&J to thank, so thank you guys!

*Okay, that is a lie. I paid for it. I would be too terrified to steal. Especially since after some time has passed and they won't recognize me anymore, I will go back for steak prego.

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