May 17, 2011

Of Italian stallions, hams and husbands.

Allegedly single women hate married ones and vice versa. If they dare not call it hate, most will at least admit to some sort of envy. I am no exception. Lucky for me – the single one – I have my amazing friend Thekla, who is happily engaged to the wonderful Pie, to share.
Depending on what mood each of us is in, we will either tell story of our latest fruitful endeavours or failed adventures on each side of the single vs. taken fence. So for me that would include telling her about first dates, first kisses, first sexual encounters and the thrill that goes with it. Thekla will sit and listen in awe. Till a few days/weeks/months later I will tell about the first non returned phone calls, the first of many unsuccessful deciphering of ‘what is he thinking?’ attempts and first break-ups.
She on the other hand will tell tales (I am a bit obsessed with this word these days, I know.) about shared anniversaries, having someone to come home to every night, having someone who loves you no matter what. That usually gets me really envious till she talks about how much she misses to flirt with strangers, how sloppy he is around the house, how he doesn’t tell her she looks pretty anymore.
In our conversation we share the best of two worlds and the worst. We engage in laughter, sympathy for the other, envy and jealousy, but ultimately we always end up feeling better about our own lives, because in the end we know how deceiving ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ principal can be.

This is all theory though and could have been in Cosmo, I know. Here is how it really goes and how Thekla and I can move from a spice market in Morocco to an Italian stallion with a ham in mere minutes:

Annika: Is Komati Foods good for buying spices in bulk?
Thekla: Yup, but I would rather try Atlas Trading.
Thekla: There are very nice spice people all over Cape Town.
Thekla: Spice Mecca.
Annika: Do you think if you ever went to a spice market in say Morocco or India you may just faint and die happily?
Thekla: I would love to go but not sure about dying happily.
Thekla: I may die happily in Italy somewhere.
Thekla: With lots of cured hams and wine around me.
Annika: I am having major wedding envy right now - a friend of mine in NY just got married and now they are in Italy.
Thekla: And hopefully being made love to by some young saucy Italian.
Annika: All over - Capri, Santorin, Venice, Rome and they post pics. So cute.
Annika: What about the Pie? Just because he won't eat the ham (he is vegetarian!) doesn't mean he doesn't want some of your ham.
Thekla: One day............. ................ ................ ................ ................ ....
Thekla: That was referring to you post about Italy not the Pie wanting my ham.
Annika: Haha.
Thekla: When one has a fantasy, does one's husband always have to be there?
Annika: No, definitely not. You can just tell the single gal’s fantasy opposed to engaged one’s fantasy.
Annika: My fantasy has a husband, yours a hot Italian stallion with a ham.
Thekla: You are funny! Love it!
Thekla: Think you may need to blog that line
Annika: I was just about to say...good story for the day.

Good story indeed. Even I would like an Italian stallion right now. Or for the lack thereof some ham.

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