May 26, 2011

Because llamas make everything better.

I have not only a thing for giraffes, but also for llamas. Maybe because my Dad brought home a poncho from Peru once, made out of llama wool, and the entire family was constantly fought over it, because it was the cosiest, warmest blanket substitute ever.

Today I wanted to write a post about men and deserts due to last night’s desert experience at Massimo’s. It turns out to be one of those ‘just breathe and let go’ days alas I don’t want to get into a rant. Therefore something different today. Admittedly I’m being a copy cat, because

I read this

which lead me to →

where I found this:

Ta Dah! Here is her explanation why you need a llama font:

“What is Llama Font? It’s a font made of llamas.
Use it to write out any message you’d like.
It’s especially helpful in taking the edge off of bad news.

Need to send a harsh message to a loved one? Helvetica is cold. Say it in llama.
Need to make a confession? Times New Roman is just rude. Say it in llama.

Why would anyone want to write something in llamas?
Because llamas make everything better.”

I tried that theory and guess what? She is right. I wrote this in llama and immediately felt better:

P.S. Gladys had a pair of briefs with a cartoon and this ‘saying’, but without llama.

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