May 23, 2011

Pizza con stallion.

As some may know, I not only have a pasta obsession, but also a slight pizza obsession. This obsession was born with the help of pizza auntie Sylvi, who taught us all how to make the greatest homemade pizza on a terracotta tile in your very own oven. It was further developed by an ex of mine who loved the pizza so much that he devised a 17 page manual on pizza making, ingredients and recipes. Ever since he has sent it as birthday gifts to friends all over the world.
Now with the re-opening of Massimo’s the obsession has reached an all-time high. I have only been twice, but I am in love already and they know it. I’m already getting special menu updates as I am known as the pastaholic there. Regardless I would not dare to touch anything else there but pizza.
They really do seem to read my blog thoroughly (Which is quite sweet, thank you!), because my request for them to be open on Tuesdays ended in the following twitter conversation:

@anysroad: @pizzaclub_hb Can you please be open on Tuesdays too??

@pizzaclub_hb: @anysroad nope! 5 days a week is more than enough.. we need beauty sleep!

@anysroad: @pizzaclub_hb Fine, then I must come on Wednesday I guess...better give me a reallyyyy nice pizza though!

@pizzaclub_hb: @anysroad ps, we have a very nice Parma ham (not sure about the stallion).

It’s okay, Massimo, Parma ham it is. I’m not sure I would like a stallion on my pizza anyhow. Any Italians with advice on that: pizza con stallion or not??

P.S. In case you are shaking your head and don’t understand a word here, read this Of Italian stallions, hams and husbands for clarification.

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