May 14, 2011

The tale of how the tales came along.

This story was inspired by something you can call a dare from my Jo’burg writer pen pal. I have been trying to get him to come to Cape Town and finally suggested he pitch a story about Bikram yoga and get his boss to pay him to fly down. Apparently this won’t work as they have studios there as well. (Pah! Not with me teaching and saying silly things like “And now smile!” Yes, I actually said that in class and almost wanted to bite my tongue off to make up for it afterwards. Silly, silly phrase when you are standing on one leg, trying to stretch in opposite directions. I walked out of class once when a teacher said it.)
No good reason for him to travel for this, so he told me I should come up with better pitches. Last night I took to the task and started thinking and up I came with Tales of 3 Cities. A story only I could tell as only me has lived in the cities in question. Or least I am the only one he knows. So an interview would have to be set up and I pretending to be a diva would have him fly down.  That was the plan. 
Then I looked at my beautiful writer desk du jour, having everything one needs to write – candles, wine, ancient eMac, cigarettes, notepad. All of a sudden my inner me got a bit feisty and thought screw that, he can come up with his own pitches to come see me, I will make it my own story. Sorry, man!

So here we go…Tales of 3 Cities. The tales part might be misleading though. Consider it more a guide to cities, which had and still have a big significance in my life: my home town Bad Hersfeld, my heart city New York, and my current favourite Cape Town. All rated on things I find important when visiting a city like coffee, fashion, weather, men...stay tuned...

P.S. For anyone who thinks I screwed myself now, by not giving him the story – I pitched an even better one to him last night via email. Involving hotels and tooth brushing and sexy strangers. If his boss doesn’t pick that one up, then I don’t know what’s wrong with the world. It will be genius.

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