May 7, 2011

The old, the ugly and the useless.

So here is the dilemma. Or not. Depending on where you stand. The other day I wrote about the beautiful yet useless things I love and own. There are plenty of them and only their beauty can justify their crowding existence in my flat. There are however also numerous things I own that don’t have the good excuse of making my living space more pretty. Like the favourite cup with the broken handle, you used since college and no coffee ever tastes good except from this cup. I actually don’t own such a cup and I don’t drink coffee at home, but I have other stuff. Stuff that is old, ugly and/or useless, BUT which I love dearly - what to do with things like that?

My uncle insists on calling them my cowboy boots even though I have explained a thousand times that they are in fact motorcycle boots. Bought when motorcycle boots where the shit in NY, second-hand for $60. There price has gone up by about 500% over the years, both in sentimental value, worn-in-ness and actual money spent on repairs.
Sadly they live in my closet now as I think my mother did have a point that boots three sizes too big could be a reason for tripping and twisting my ankle.

The best little H&M rhinestone bracelet ever and unfortunately too cheap to even attempt to repair the broken clasp and replace the lost stone. I keep it in a box and like to look at it once in a while trying to remember the last time I wore it.

The thing.
The truth is I love kids, but I am usually not so keen to display kids made presents. Ups, there I said it. Parents go ahead and stone me. This thing (which upon questioning I learned is an ant) was made for me for Christmas by my director’s daughter Genie. She is 8 and I think it’s amazing. It looks like a weird creature from Pan’s Labyrinth and therefore has an honorary display spot on my shelf.

Over my years in NY I spend such an insane amount of money on tank tops that I will actually die shamefully if I ever had to tally up. In my defence I have worn each and every one of the precious little pieces of fabric till they have fallen apart or longer. This Genera tank is ancient. I had to dye it as I spilled tomato sauce on it (previously white) within the first week. I had to cut the bottom off as the holes got too big to fix. To this day though, it is my favourite, softest, most often worn tank and will stay in my closet till it has more holes than fabric and then a little bit longer.

Actually never mind, no dilemma – as none of the stuff is actually old enough, ugly enough or useless enough for me to get rid of. Never ever. Or at least for now.


  1. Why not you sell it at Ebay auction :-) ? For picture 3, I think its is unique, creative and great masterpiece. I don't believe it at the first sight when you mentioned its created by 8 years old kid.

  2. The problem is that I just love them too much to sell, even though I probably should. They not only gave me a twisted ankle, but also carried me faithfully through many adventures.

  3. Then you need to create specific space for keep this stuff:-)


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