April 26, 2011

Bookish revelations.

I have been lazy and glued to my DVD player instead of writing. I had an Easter story all planned and half written, but since it is already too late now I will just publish it in a few days. Maybe.

Today in preparation for my op on Thursday and to celebrate payday I went to my favorite bookstore. I could not bare the idea of being at hospital alone with Murakami who I have been fighting with for over a month now.
You may not know this about me, but I love reading. No big deal, because apparently everybody in this blogging world loves reading and can’t wait to finish their first novel overlooking some hills in Tuscany. I don’t think I’m one of them. I haven’t read a lot of classics or literary gems and most of the ones I did read, I didn’t like. I bought The Great Gatsby today, because I read that they are doing another movie on it. I was surprised by how small it was. For some reason I pictured an 800 pager. There my knowledge about the classics in a nutshell.
My taste in books might be considered common. I do read girly books and I own all of Harry Potter and I thought that Orhan Pamuk is not a nice read. Believe me I have tried. No, I’m not one of them and I don’t want to publish a book, I just want to read and bookstores are my happy place. Other girls buy shoes or chocolate when unhappy or in need of cheering up, I buy books. Nothing gives me more of a thrill than browsing, reading the first pages, discovering that a previously liked author has written another book.
The thing I always hated most when I moved and had to leave things behind was leaving books behind. I have also made a lot of movers very unhappy as I still haven’t learned to follow my mother’s advise to not pack the book boxes to the brim.

To sum it up and because I do like the lists and this was supposed to be a quick, before-bedtime-reading-post:

  1. I sometimes do not buy books if they don’t have enough pages. I hate the idea of liking it and then there is just not enough of it.
  2. I have read some of my favorite novels about 15 times.
  3. I gained more historic knowledge about the War of the Roses through novels than through school.
  4. I made my pregnant friend run all over New York to find an out of print copy of Margaret Mead’s Blackberry Winter for me.
  5. I did at times choose reading over sex. Still do.
  6. I dream of being locked up in a bookstore overnight.
  7. The only public place I would fancy sex in is in a beautiful, old library against one of those sliding ladders.
  8. I had an embossing stamp with my name made to stamp my books, only to realize that it tears the pages.
  9. I will never own a Kindle, because I like to put bends in the corner of the page when I read something I really like.
  10.  I get scared thinking about the fact that even if I tried, I could never read every book ever written before I die. 
Now go, turn your computer off and read a book. For me. And for you.


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