April 1, 2011

Yup, April fooled.

The day is not going as planned, but certainly as expected. And what can you except on April Fool’s?
Then my friend Nele came unknowingly to the rescue by sending me a very belated birthday present. Mind you it says urgent on the packet.
Not that either the German or the South African mail would care. It did in fact already arrive yesterday, but I was too lazy to fetch it from the post office. Thank you me for being such a lazy bum once in a while. It was much more needed today.
It also had on it a poem. Which may explain why it took so long to arrive. I would guess that the respectable packet handlers were filling their lunch breaks reading it and then discussing the true meaning amongst each other. The South African ones probably had to get a dictionary first.
This is important for customs and a bit out of focus, because my now I just want to tear the whole thing open. It reads ‘headphones’. So I can skype with Nele. Haha, clever one!
Remember the times when we all had sticker albums to collect and trade stickers? Nele totally indulged me today. Best part - the card.

Love the card. Following my post from yesterday – girls, this is how it’s done. Thank you, Nele!


  1. lol...im on vacation but i'm glad i stopped by your blog...you cracked me up with your poem comment. yes, i bet those handlers were taking their time, trying to read it and decipher it. my dad used to work for the postal service here in the US and he said that whenever something unusual or interesting would run through the machines, it would get noticed.

  2. thanks, elizabeth!

    i think the most unusual thing i ever sent from new york were two cans of cipriani's bellini mix for my mum. we had had it together before when she came for a visit. and what did she do with them? she drank them by themselves, because 'they were just so yummy'. $4 peach juice better be yummy!


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