April 11, 2011

Anyversary post.

 The problem of going from being sick and slightly mentally unstable to being only sick a little, but quite clear in the head is as follows: one may have done something a bit silly while in the sick and unstable phase (Shall we just call it fraternizing with the enemy for the sake of this story?) and once feeling better one is unable to stop it, but now one has a brain back to think about what one is doing and what that may imply. Or something like that…we know that one!
I therefore take my mother’s advice and try to keep myself busy as my mind is not to be mollycoddled in any other way and will not shut up without the force of outward exercise. It is too hot to walk up Signal Hill. Okay, no, that was never the plan. But it is too hot to even walk around the block or better said I’m too hot and bothered and not in the good way (my favorite catch phrase these days…which is quite sad...I know, I know).
So here am I busying up a storm in my flat, which has gotten me so far to hang up the laundry. Afterwards I felt exhausted and had to sit under the AC for a bit and drink some Gatorade. Energade. Whatever.

Random thoughts that occur to me while I’m getting a brain freeze:

Can a DVD wear out after too much viewing and will the rental place be able to prove it and hold me liable?

I just hung up laundry on my balcony wearing only a tank top and briefs. I was wondering if anyone could see me - in the parking lot my balcony overlooks - and then decided that I was wearing more than I wear on the beach and I could explain that to the security guard quickly in case he was wondering what the half naked girl is doing on her balcony.

I actually just didn’t care.

I love plane food. Maybe not today. Nah, actually even today I don’t mind the idea.

Is wine advisable for a post - food poisoned stomach? If yes, is white or red better? That is a serious question and the answer yes would make my Monday.

I have a label labeled "annoying people". Hehe.

I was going to call this little interlude 'Sickling part II', because it would have been appropriate as I am still pretty sick - head and stomach - and because I couldn’t think of anything better. Luckily I remembered that this is post 50. Hurray me!

Now I will give the Internet some alone time, take some amusing pictures while the light lasts and get some James Bond DVDs I haven’t actually seen. But first I’m giving the 5 o’clock nap two thumbs up.

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