April 20, 2011

Naked naked naked.

Just testing a theory here...

Today is one of those perfect stay in bed days. I will attend to this project as soon as I get home after work. Including meatball spaghetti a la Jamie or chicken burger a la I’m no Jamie. No, nobody gets to vote on this, it will be decided by me probably only when at Woolies and to be fair I have already made up my mind to 99%. So unless something earth shattering changes, it’s settled. Perfect plan. Just a couple more hours till I can execute it.

In the meanwhile I should happily report defeat. I can no longer call my own pizza the best in Cape Town as I attended the Twitter re-opening of Massimo’s yesterday. Thekla in her semi-official function as food blogger and me, well, as her wingwoman and to stuff my face with as much pizza as I could. In we walked – You remember how back in the day at the school cafeteria each group had their table? The band members, the cheerleaders, the literary circle, etc. and then there was always one table with the left over kids who didn’t quite fit anywhere. That was us last night.  
After the initial envious glances through the room and over to the cool kids’ tables where we didn’t belong and weren’t allowed to sit, we made the best of it and ended up having more fun than the too-cool-for-schools across from us. Of course that wasn’t why we came; it was all for the sake of pizza.  I actually would have been happy to just eat the Focaccia with gorgonzola, cream cheese and rosemary, which we got served first, for the rest of the evening. But thanks to the ever faithful IT guy who kept on refilling our plates when we left for smokes and Massimo’s magic kitchen elves we got to eat about 10 different pizzas and salads instead. All I will say about the food is that if Mowgli still prefers leaves to the pizza there then he can’t be helped. I also did make a bit of a presumptuous reservation for the weekend in the hope for an Easter pizza date. Any takers?

On the note of the PLG project I have news. The lady from the company offering me deals for my blog did email back, saying no unfortunately the giraffe deal was an April’s Fool joke and that they do not make them yet. Yet! A ray of light right there. I do however hope once they get around to ‘making’ them, they will attend to the wait list problem right away too. Otherwise it will take me almost a million years to get Mowgli and I simply cannot wait this long.

P.S. A little update: I just told a friend of mine about the pizza and he was so keen that we decided to go tomorrow. Question: Is it excessive to eat pizza trice a week at the same place? Or since the place is Massimo’s is it reasonable? 

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