April 13, 2011

I wasn't kidding.

When I tweeted (Is that the correct use of term? All still so new and exciting...) yesterday that my hair made me look like a cupid on acid. Here is the proof:

Pure madness going on, I know. Do excuse the quality of the picture, I have read blogging 101 and know the rule of providing good quality images, but in all fairness it just ain’t that easy when you live by yourself. Also I didn’t want to get any closer to myself as I had just come from work and was all shiny. I hope you do get the idea why I just shake my head when people ask me why I don’t let my hair down more often.
I must say though my Paul - my hairstylist - did cut a nice layer there in front. I think he must have been over excited that I allowed him more than “The usual, Paul”, because he also suggested that we could get married. Don’t think about asking. Besides that he is about 20 years older than me, I do still believe, son or not, he is gay.

Paul (in cute, endearing Schwitzerd├╝tsch accent): Well, you and I could just get married.
Me: Are you proposing to me?
Paul: Well, if you want to see it as that. Take it or leave it!

Apparently this loveliness, the fact that we both don’t enjoy clubbing anymore and the discount he would give me on my haircuts should have won me over in a heartbeat.

After my picture taking session I was moving on to DIY projects and then got distracted by Glee. The disc just happened to slip into my computer. I love Glee. I admit it. Make fun of me now.
So there I was getting my stomach used to alcohol again as tonight bubbly tasting is on the agenda, happily singing along and eating cold pasta as a pre-pasta-dinner-snack (yes, I actually did have more pasta for dinner later). Eating cold pasta out of a colander is the best thing ever. I still remember a play date with my friend Kathrin when we were about 12. I came over to her for lunch and we had Spaghetti Bolognese. After stuffing our faces we played board games and ate the entire cold left over spaghettis out of the colander as a post-pasta-lunch-snack. Good times.

Now the actual excitement of the day. My bag was published. Apparently not only guys care what’s in a girl’s bag. All my secrets revealed here: http://www.brandslut.co.za/brandbag-vol-5/

I do a want to add a few things which were cut for space reasons I guess (is there such a thing as space reasons on the Internet??). Otherwise people may think my bag is really weird and I wouldn’t want its’ feelings to get hurt.

Canvas Bag from the little shop on Kloof Street with my last name’s initial. - Of course A was already sold out, because it took me forever to make up my mind whether I wanted to spend R 80 on it. All I can say now – best R 80 spent ever.

Second pair of favourite Prada Sunglasses. – Since I have moved here I have lost 5 pairs of sunglasses. Unfortunately I have a slight addiction problem with expensive sunglasses. First pair of these got stolen in a smash and grab, but I found them again and since it was my second pair they gave me a ‘discount’.

Original Prada sunglasses case. - This will make sense in a bit.

Nokia loan phone courtesy from Vodacom. - It’s just so sad, I won’t dwell on it here.

Piazza Sempione cuff. – Such a diva, too big to work with so I usually put it back in my bag by 9am, which is a also quite sad. For the cuff. It’s so pretty. Must remind myself to finally repair smaller cuff sibling, which actually doesn’t mind when I wear it while typing.

Sunglass Hut case. - I bought this when I thought original case was lost. Then I found the original case and for some reason felt the need to carry both around for a couple weeks. Guess I didn’t want either to feel left out.

Dior Homme memory stick. - This was a PR gift for my former boss. I ‘borrowed’ it from him as he doesn’t know how to hold a mouse (“No, George, you don’t hold it like a remote control.”), so I figured he definitely doesn’t even know what a memory stick is.

Fuji FinePix camera. - Not shown for obvious reasons, but represented by USB cable. Which is actually never in my bag because I will leave it at home and then get mad at myself for not being able to download pictures elsewhere. Like today.

Keys on Marc Jacobs keychain/ coin purse. - Unfortunately very old and doesn’t want to be photographed without extensive photoshop, which I am no good at.

The rest is just is. Nothing to write home about.

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