April 19, 2011

Giraffe pizza speziale.

So my recent giraffe post sparked a chat between Thekla and me, which I simply have to share. It started just after I had posted the story on Facebook:

Thekla: Love it - I think you rock! And you deserve to be moved up the list!!!!
Me: Haha! Thanks - will tell her if she ever replies
Me:  Imagine it was true - sooo cute.
Me:  And the giraffe could play with the kittens too!

I think I have mentioned that I am kitten godmother to THE cutest kittens ever, right?

Thekla:  The kittens could take rides on Mowgli's back!
Thekla:  And we'd get them matching bandanas ‘cause they'd be friends!
Me:  Exactly! But we would have to teach them no clawing on his neck.
Me:  Yay!
Thekla: Otherwise it would cry big tears!
Thekla:  And need some extra filtered water to sooth its nerves.
Me:  Well, I am sure at your house that wouldn't be a problem with your fancy water filter.

There water filter is awesome, you would want to be a giraffe just so you can drink their filtered water.

Me:  And Mowgli would simply love your tub!
Thekla:  And I'm sure my ficus would do for leaves?
Me:  Probably
Me:  But I do think it may eat all the leaves off quite quickly - you know how baby animals are when they are growing.
Thekla:  You can take it to Sylvi's too then she has a few really big ficuses.

Sylvi is our aunt and she has a ficus that reaches all the way to the ceiling.

Thekla:  And Popey can also ride on its back.

Popey is their cat. Technically it is the neighbour’s cat, but he is allowed to come over and gets TLC, is allowed to sit at the dinner table and gets fed with left over prawn tails. This cat has the best life ever.

Me:  And Cesario would have a heart attack
Me:  “Sylva - the giraffe ate all the leaves from the ficus!”

Cesario is her husband. He is a professor and quite prim and proper and very lost without her.

Me:  I rather take him to Nikki - he can nibble on some vines - get used to the good stuff.

Thekla’s sister recently planted a little vineyard in her garden and the entire family is eagerly waiting for the 3 years to be already over, so we can harvest and make wine. We have discussed the problem that it may not be enough for the entire family and that even the immediate family drinks too much for the harvest to last more than one night.

Me:  Bonsai is overrated!
Thekla:  “arrs'ol giraffe... fuck!”

Uncle Cesario does have a potty mouth at times.

Thekla:  With Spanish accent.

Yes, with a Spanish accent. I think it’s his Latin temperament coming through when he curses.

Me:  Hehe.
Me:  Just imagine.
Me:  I wonder if he would get big enough so he could look into the pizza oven.

The two of them started the pizza madness in our family and have a special little oven on top of the regular oven where they bake their pizzas in.

Thekla:  We would make him a leaf pizza.
Me:  I think my yoga teacher has a friend who makes 'raw pizza' - that should do.
Me:  It's just bloody expensive.
Thekla:  I hear they are silly good though.
Thekla:  Wanna try one some time.
Me:  Yes, but not for the baby. As much as I believe kids/animals should get used to eating lots of different things, I don't think they need to be thaat spoilt.
Me:  And do keep this thought for yourself at least today - Massimo might get offended!
Thekla:  We can ask them if they make petit giraffe friendly pizzas.
Me: Awe! Cute, man! Let’s ask them tonight!!

So in case you ever wonder what I do at work, read above. In case you are wondering what I’m doing tonight – asking Massimo if he will make my imaginary giraffe a pizza of course.

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