August 16, 2011

Back to school special.

I seem to be having a bloggers block since being on holiday. Argh. So, now I’m trying my hardest to get over it. Tell me if you get bored, but in the meanwhile I will give you another list to get myself going.

I am back home. Very happily so. Home as in Cape Town. Sorry, my German friends, but that’s just how it is. Nevertheless my trip was great. Even the things that weren’t great were in hindsight at least entertaining. As a holiday recap – highlights from great to worst:

Drinking champagne with Julia in the dingiest dive bar/burger place in Berlin. Her logic for ordering the wrongest drink for a place like this? It was my last night...well, she had a point and it actually felt very right.

Julia with dog from hell.

My & Elvis.
Having the complete season 4 of Gossip Girl for the train rides.*

My Dad and I slurping our test tube soup with a straw in a 1-star restaurant. Loads of fun, which I highly recommend, just don’t try it at home as you will need an audience as in people at the table next you to stare for best slurp results.**

My mother stabbing her toe on my suitcase so she wouldn’t have to walk up the Drachenfels. Obviously not great, but to think that she would sabotage her own toe so she wouldn’t have to walk is quite bad ass. We couldn’t take a donkey either; since her trip to Greece she feels bad for them because she saw too many ‘pale, fat German ladies riding poor little donkeys’ there.

Stomach bug, followed by sore throat, followed by stiff neck and shoulder and no Enmasse or boyfriend in sight.

Standing under a chestnut tree in a storm is not a good idea. I learned that the hard way of course.

Obviously there were many more highlights and non-highlights. I must say though, coming back and unpacking the day I arrived was the best part and very unheard of for me.

*Yes, I am worried about the frequency of my Gossip Girl mentions too.
**No picture of the slurpy soup. As per usual I left my camera at home. Bad photographer, bad!

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