August 8, 2011

Pastaholic takes Berlin.

My friend Julia, as you will know by now, is awesome. That showed again yesterday when I was greeted with a bottle of pink bubbly after she dragged my suitcase up seven flights of stairs to her flat. Things only got better when I heard the dinner plans: pasta. Even better pasta at a restaurant called 'Mädchenitaliener' which can only be translated as “Italian food for girls” or “Italian food by girls”. We are unsure of the details. Regardless, I loved the name and the place immediately. Shared tables on the sidewalk, prosecco, mozzarella, parma and figs; can life get any better? We went to heaven when the mains arrived. Your average plate of pasta with shaved truffles and the signature dish of the place, which will need to be re-cooked immediately:

Tagliatelle + baked figs + fennel salami + pine nuts + poppy seeds. 

Read. Read again and be envious. Mädchenitaliener best translated as “happy plates, happy girls”.

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