August 11, 2011

Nesthäkchen is home.

I'm on my final tour stop - Bad Hersfeld, my home town, with my Dad. The weather continues to be crappy and very Aprily and I have given up to look for sunshine. I should have known better when my Dad tried to get me out of bed this morning by saying 'look, the sun is out'. Of course it wasn't. Mean trick... Regardless I really don't care anymore, we are just having a nice time in the rain.
He already announced when I had just arrived that he just really wants to spoil me. And he does. Tonight we are going to the opera premiere and tomorrow we have fancy dinner at a restaurant with a star, which miraculously survived in our town.
Other signs of daddy's little girl being home:

Morels were already soaking upon my arrival.

First dinner.

Welcome home sign and bottles of bubbly in my room.

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