August 25, 2011

The joke on me.

Today is a reasonably good day. There will be shopping, a massage, and the new Harry Potter movie all in one afternoon. I even got my ticket already with my perfect seat assigned so there will be none of my usual movie freak-outs, which usually cause me to wait 6 months to see a movie – once it is out on DVD.

Cherry on top of this day – my company got invited by a lovely 5-star hotel to stay the night and have dinner on them. Then I got a follow up email, saying they would like to extend the invitation to our partners. I think the Gods are laughing once again at me, high-fiving their beautiful timing to make an invitation like this come along when there is absolutely nobody, whom I could even remotely pass on as a partner. NOBODY. I guess it’s my own fault, I sent them all to the island...
P.S. In case you know me and feel like I have overlooked you as a potential 'partner' for this night, please contact me and I will apologize for the oversight and make it up to you with dinner & overnight stay. Maybe.

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