February 12, 2011

White Tiger A

White Tiger A was a bracelet I wore and didn’t take off for about a year back in New York. It was a beautiful and only tiny bit cheesy gold and enamel bracelet with two white tiger heads connecting one white tiger body. It added a bit of glitz and glamour to my usual minimalistic Helmut Lang-esque wardrobe.

Unfortunately my memory and this picture, which isn’t doing it justice (and yes I know, Julian’s paw is covering half of it anyhow), is the only thing left of it. It had a sort of snap mechanism to close and after a year of banging on tables/door frames/people it didn’t snap anymore. I did make an attempt to have it repaired but to no avail. It’s gone. I still miss it at times. We were good friends, the white tiger bracelet and I.

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