February 16, 2011

White Tiger C

With White Tiger C I am taking some liberties with the definition of a white tiger. Actually quite some big liberties considering that White Tiger C is not striped, more grey/white than black/white and is in fact not even a tiger. But since I get to decide on content here, he is on my list and in fact leading it. Meet Julian!
He won’t complain much about being called a white tiger here. He is used to much worse name calling i.e. juli-poo or stink bear as our favourites. He is both, but also cute as a button.
I do frequently entertain Jakob and these days Ike with stories about ‘little baby Julian’ and they love it/him both. Their favourites are by far How little baby Julian jumped on the pizza and we still ate it and How little baby Julian pushed the dates wrapped in bacon off the table and we still ate them. I think we were just a hungry bunch.  Therefore none of us understood why people would refuse to eat rice at our home after seeing this picture:
I look at him and want to eat him too!

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