February 26, 2011

I ♥ Hearts

At least from today onwards.

I have never been a girl who has spent time on planning her own wedding. Never. Any time. Barbie and Ken never celebrated their special day under my watch nor would I make scrap books with pictures of cream puff dresses, princess carriages and chocolate fountains as a teenager. Quite the opposite – I made scrap books of my friend and me kissing as many boys as we possibly could over carnival weekend.
I will one day want a wedding and I will want it to be beautiful and special. I realize though that my taste in food, clothes, decor and men (that’s why there is no wedding yet) has constantly changed over the years. So how could I have known what kind of wedding I will one day want? How could my 16 year old me have known that one day Jil Sander would make the perfect wedding dress? Or my neo-romantic 21 year old version that crème colored roses are not necessarily a bad thing? And why should any of them understand that maybe even the future groom has an opinion on things and quite the right to voice it too?
Today things changed. Browsing this morning I came across the blog of Callie, a friend of mine, who owns the company Cakebread with his sister. We first met on a job where they were doing the food styling, but my favourite part about their job is the cakes they make. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, pretty cakes, yummy cakes, mind-blowing cakes. I’m no particular cake craver, but I have tried my way through quite a few cheesecakes over the years in New York. After all they don’t call it New York Cheesecake for nothing.  The best one however I found at Cakebread when I first visited their little shop in town in search for a Saturday afternoon delight. I was contemplating the pros and cons of cheesecake versus lemon meringue when Callie helped me out by telling me to take a slice of both (he is a good sales person that one). It turned out to be a wise decision though. I loved them both with all my heart.
This brings me to the hearts. Oh, the hearts! On his blog he shows pictures of previous events, one being a wedding where they made heart cookies and see-through heart lollies. After seeing them, the first detail of my future wedding is now set. I still don’t care about dress, flowers or the band, but the hearts, the heart lollies I MUST have. I have fallen in love. Head over hearts.
Ha ha

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