February 25, 2011

New York Miss-Much

It might be the wind, but my mood is sombre today and I miss New York much. It might also be due to my New York friends leaving today. All I want to do is jump on the plane with them. Not even the 17 hour trip can be scarier than the prospect of staying behind right now. Mind you, in my mind it is summer in New York though...scorching August heat (I am the only crazy person firmly believing that August is the best month to visit New York). In my perfect August day I would like to...
... order iced coffee and get it right. Americano, ice cubes, done. New Yorker baristas do know that whether to add hot or cold water must not be asked.
... fight my way through the aisles of Century 21 and emerge with an oversized Martin Margiela jersey and yet another little Pucci bandana.
... be told by a stranger in the elevator that she likes my shoes and replying with a mysterious smile that says ‘I got them on sale, but I will never ever tell you’.
... be stuck in traffic in a yellow cab, missing the voice of Elmo saying “This is Elmo from Sesame Street. Elmo wants you to be safe. So please, buckle up for safety.”
... drink fresh lemonade at a street fair. I’m sure there is one somewhere. As a rule there is always one somewhere, each street in New York is worthy of celebration it seems.
... eat arepas at Caracas. The usual. Two La Del Gato with no plantains. And then being told (in Spanish, but I can gather as much) that having a La Del Gato without plantains is like, well, literally a cat without a tail.
... go to Barney’s. Just to look.*
... dinner at Bar Pitti with Sam. And the waiter standing next to me throughout the meal. Just in case I need more fresh parmesan cheese graded over my plate**. Which I will. That is a given.
So for now I will indulge myself in this bit of fantasy and hope that the wind will die down, so I can sit on my balcony and enjoy the city I’m actually in...just now.

*Of course this is a lie. You cannot ever just look when at Barney’s.
** Selecting pictures today makes me sad. So I was just browsing a bit and then decided against. But this I did find (the internet is a wondrous place) and have to share:

This is a picture of the original Rigatoni Pitti, which I always, always eat there.

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