February 6, 2011

B Day.

My cousin Thekla invented something what I will now call the ‘Birthday Day’ or short ‘B Day’. It started with her sister and her four children. Thekla realized soon enough being an aunt of four can not only do serious damage to your wallet, but also the one thing kids with this many siblings don’t get enough is one-on-one attention. So over the years it became her tradition that she would spend a day with each of them on their own as their birthday presents.
She would watch Barney with little Ike, Vampire movies with the girls (I got to go along to one of the premiers and almost became deaf by teenage girls having screaming fights over Jakob and Edward - we are still a divided family on this front), and Brownie baking with Max. The kids love it. It’s their day.
So when Thekla’s birthday came around, I decided to do the same thing. Even though she had given me a ‘list’ of sensible present options (I did ask for it!), I decided - no, a day it would be. A Thekla day.

Here the itinerary of our fabulous day/date:

10h30 Bikram yoga - taught by me.
I had really wanted her to come back only once more and take my class. So she did. And I have yet to get nicer compliments on my teaching from anyone. So nice I almost want to add a smiley face here.

13h00 Lunch at Café Milano.
Thekla, who thinks pastry is the anti-Christ, is now converted. I solemnly swear that I will never eat pastry anywhere else again. It wouldn’t be right and it would just make me cry.

15h00 Pedicures at the Cape Royale spa.
Thekla discovered a scar afterwards on her toe, which had been there since she was seven, but apparently hadn’t been seen in years. Now with her toes all scrubbed it resurfaced (mind you my feet were in worst condition, that’s probably why scars don’t stick). Added bonus for me: I managed to walk out of there without nicking my nail polish anywhere. It’s still intact now. Probably for the next five minutes knowing Murphy’s law.

16h00 Cocktails at the roof top bar.
To sum up in one sentence what I need to do to change my life according to her: Get hammered and stalk guys.
No comment.

17h00 Getting ready at my flat.
Two lovely glasses of chilled Pinot Noir thanks to my amazing clients.

18h15 One more glass for the road.

18h30 Six course tasting menu at La Mouette and lots of dirty talk. 
Two best friends and bubbly. What’s not to love?

22h15 Driving home.
One left over macaroon (only slightly chewed on at one corner) for Adam.

23h00 Me, my flat and I.
Another glass of Pinot Noir for me. And the amazing feeling of having made someone’s day and of someone having made my day.

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