February 21, 2011

The way we wore.

The other day I stumbled over a fabulous little blog called What I Wore Today – in Drawings. I would have applied immediately with my outfit du jour, but unfortunately I can’t draw to save my life except maybe fashion renderings that will make me look like a Barbie (and even this would need some serious practice first).
Therefore I decided to make my own little What I Wear Most Days – in Photos.

a Sheer tank. Soft tank. Oversized tank:  Any tank, any day.
b Guinea fowl feather head band:  My friend bought this for me in New York. I love the fact that it actually looks like a DIY project with one of my cousin’s guinea fowls.
c My favourite Piazza Sempione cuff and super glue: After dropping it one too many times the centre rhinestone finally gave up and fell out.
d Coco Extreme:  A waiter told me the other night I smelled like Malibu. I got a bit offended (even though I will openly admit that I love Malibu!) as I thought he was implying I smelled boozy. Lucky for him and his tip, he quickly realized that he needed to clarify to make his point.
e Dark, skinny jeans with f: The right amount of frayed hems.
g Havaianas in matte gold: I buy a pair every season. Unfortunately for the rest of the season I can only remember them fondly – due to a broken strap I had to bury them already and there is no other pair in my size to be found in the whole of Cape Town.

The “winter” edition will follow in a couple of months. I don’t think much will change. I am a creature of habit. I may just throw in a bit of cashmere for good measure.

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