February 5, 2011


The week ahead that had looked quite bleak Sunday evening all of a sudden took a turn and became quite inspired. All due to what I know call the 5-Minute-Vacation, which unlike its food counterpart, the 5-Minute-Terrine (Do they have them in South Africa? Well, we have it in Germany and it’s our equivalent of Ramen noodles), I think is quite healthy.

I have come to the conclusion that the convenience of living across from my office also comes with some downsides. Namely me being very unadventurous when it comes to venturing out for lunch (I go home and reheat whatever is left from dinner) and me being very complacent with crappy instant coffee at work instead of finding nice coffee shops on my way there.

Last Monday I woke up and decided it was time to change this. At least the coffee situation for now (I had lovely left over chicken curry in my fridge for lunch). I got dressed and honoured the occasion by wearing my big Piazza Sempione cuff, which makes me feel and look a bit like Wonderwoman, but is highly unpractical for typing and any kind of other non-Wonderwoman related activities. But for my little adventure it seemed the proper attire, so off I went with the Baby Ferrari, who was craving a spin around the block as well. Down to Church Street we went and what a happy morning it was - too early for parking guards and plenty of space.

The plan was to finally immerse myself into the higher spheres of great coffee: Deluxe. I am a bit shamefaced to admit that I had never been before.

Walking down Church Street I suddenly realized something funny, a strange feeling inside of me: bubbles. Or better said the bubbly feeling of joy you only get when on vacation. The first moment of stepping into a world of unknown possibilities and excitement. The moment you become your very own Alice in Wonderland. It was incredible and highly unexpected. Vacation feeling in the middle of town? Oddly enough it had never happened to me before in any of the places one might expect this feeling to surface. Camps Bay for sundowners, Muizenberg surfers and Waterfront calamari lunch feel very common to me. No pristine, postcard picture perfect location had ever evoked such a feeling.

I looked up and around, not wanting to miss the entrance and I started to feel like a tourist in the best way possible. On a mission to find that special place I had read about in my secret travel guide. Searching, wondering - happily so. And then I found it. Needless to say the coffee was great. I didn’t even mind that they do not have any ice, therefore I couldn’t have my requested iced coffee. I was on vacation. Nothing could bother me. I had looked for this special place and when I found it, it truly was special. Inside and out.

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