August 17, 2012

Pastaholic on holiday.

I could tell you the story of how I got really annoyed with my ex this morning and consequently unfriended him this time. But I already had a nice gossip with my friend about it and Vacation Me is nudging me in the side, telling me to let it go and come out to play. To my big surprise I want to oblige.
My bag is pretty much packed, the list of last minute things to buy is small, all errands are ran, the Kindle is full, and the pastaholic in me is getting very excited for all the couscous I will be getting soon. I have nothing left to do but some leisurely yoga, a final dinner with my friend Kate, and one more sleep. After this there will be silence from me till September as I shall be in Morocco and the Airbook will not. I heard camels and Airbooks are no fans of each other. Unfortunately I’m also not organized enough these days to schedule posts while I’m gone so you will have to do without me for a little bit.
Before I go I quickly wanted to pad myself on the shoulder as this is the 250th post I have written. Whoop whoop. Yesterday I read the 1st and 100th post again and it made me smile – check it out! For number 250 I will leave you with a goodbye, a see you soon, and a bit of Dr. Seuss, which I love:

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