September 5, 2012

An unwelcome welcome.

I kind of knew I would like Morocco. However I didn’t know it would exceed any expectations I could have ever had. Thus I am now suffering from major post-holiday depression and when you see my face you would assume I had to return home to Detroit* not beautiful Cape Town. Partly this face is due to the fact that my travel agent messed up my return flight, resulting in yet to be refunded credit card charges of R 16 000 for a new ticket. Though to be quite honest that was only the cherry on top and I don’t think my face would be any more cheerful without this incident.

You ask why? Well, for once I am flippin’ freezing. Morocco was an average of wonderful 40 degrees during the day and you can imagine how I just loved that! I also haven’t had mint tea in over 24 hours or nos nos and by now the cravings are in full swing.
Of course I made myself welcome back pasta last night as I have only eaten pasta once in the entire two weeks (can you actually believe it?!), but it tasted really bland in comparison to a Kefta Tagine. On top of it all my washing machine broke, which must be truly one of the worst things that can happen upon returning from a trip. In an attempt to make myself feel better I went onto my balcony in the hope of hearing the sunset call to prayer, but no, all I could hear was some bergies yelling on the street. Welcome home indeed.
The list could go on and on, but in an attempt of more positive thinking I will stop right here and rather go and drag my washing to the laundromat. I shall also sort through my 1001 pictures so tomorrow I can actually start to tell (and show) about the adventures in Morocco, the land of donkeys, kittens, and perfect Bikram temperatures.

I also should add that many lovely people have welcomed me back; telling me it’s good to have me home. And though I can’t share this feeling yet, the sentiment is much appreciated – thank you, my friends!

* I have actually never been, but I just picture it really…well, dingy and sad. Sorry, if you are from Detroit and feel insulted now. If I ever go, I am sure I will change my mind and you shall receive an official apology then.

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