August 7, 2012

Book tripping.

I’m not doing very well with my to-do lists these days. My chalkboard looks still quite empty after Friday in terms of checks, except for the be-kind-checks, which wasn’t so hard as I didn’t leave the house much over the weekend and when I teach, yelling at people is not not kind, it’s called motivating thus doesn’t go against getting a check for being kind. The good excuses I have are two fold – I have been feeling crappy as in not quite sick, but definitely not well. Therefore I did little writing, okay, well, no writing and no French except for this one episode of Lost I watched when a bunch of dead French people arrive on the island and I was trying to understand them without subtitles. But we know that in all honesty that doesn’t really equal a check on the board for French learning. My lack of yoga was due to my body feeling like a robot all weekend and me rather teaching instead of practising. Yes, yes, I know…excuses, excuses.
I decided since my success rate with lists is so bad right now, I wouldn’t even attempt to do one for Morocco. I have my vaccinations, passport, and ticket and everything else can sort itself out. Jaa, right. Okay, ask me again next week, but for now the only list I have made for the trip is called:

 Books to load on Kindle.*

Yes, I caved. Usually my favourite part of any given trip is buying books for the road. Once I have them I keep them locked away so I don’t read them before the travel begins. Depending on how excited I am for the books that may or may not work and sometimes I have to buy more last minute. Airport book buys are not uncommon either and especially pleasant because money spent at airports doesn’t really count as we all know.

This time around though I realized upon reading my trip notes that in addition to the usual flight time, waiting time, before bed time, and tanning on the beach time there will be lots of being on a bus/car/camel time. I am not physically strong enough to carry all the books I could possibly read in this time and yes, that includes the fact that I don’t really plan on reading while riding a camel (but can you imagine?!). The idea of being stuck on a bus for hours with nothing to read really scares me. Multiply this by approximately 10 rides (and by rides I now mean bus or car not camel!) which I will be taking to get around Morocco and the horror is so great I don’t even want to go anymore.
And that is why I caved and bought a Kindle.

It’s coming today or so I pray to the shipping gods. By now I am so excited, I feel like someone locked me in a library and threw away the key. Maybe I should throw away my credit card rather quickly as my list of Books to load on Kindle so far is getting a tiny bit long/out of hand. Though while writing this I did some more research and now I just quickly need to add one more to the list: Lonely Planet Morocco! For the Kindle! Oh the excitement!!

Picture to follow upon arrival. I think it’s pretty pretty.

*I don’t even know if that name is appropriate – are they still called books when on a Kindle? What is the correct terminology? Can someone fill me in please?!


  1. Kommt darauf an, ob man den Gegenstand an sich meint, also das haptische "Buch" oder den Inhalt. Aber mit "e-book" machst Du wohl nichts falsch...

    1. Ich wollte mich schon beschweren, dass e-book doch so verenglischt klingt und dann fiel mir ein: ich schreib ja in Englisch! Tada - problem solved!


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