August 3, 2012

Challenge accepted!

Today feels like a cloud has lifted over my head. I won’t bore you with the details of why and how and what. I think I have been wining enough already lately and don’t feel like doing it anymore. I have been unhappy with myself and thus have been a complete monster to everybody around me (though I partially blame the full moon for it too this week!) and then yesterday I found this on Facebook:

I thought the only nice thought I had was the thought of eating a bag of wine gums with tropical flavour. Which I did later and it was great, but I was still a bit concerned about my facial expression if a bag of sweets was the only good thing to keep me going. So I decided after I came home from teaching that things needed to change… once again. For the next fourteen days the motto is:

Be kind.

Do yoga.

Learn French.

Write a story.

Every day.
It’s even up on my blackboard, because that’s how much I like checking things/days off lists. As it goes with good resolutions, you get instant gratification once you have made resolution the so I went to bed yesterday feeling quite peachy. During the night I got promptly smacked on my wrist, probably because I didn’t deserve to already feel so good for a resolution just made, but not lived through yet. Thus I had a dream about my ex, the new girlfriend, lots of potatoes, and a braai with them. Again, I blame the full moon, but I behaved like such a bitch in my dream, I even refused to come out of my room and stomped my feet all while making snotty comments about the girl. My mother was there too and had to tell me off… grrr. But I also loved the dream in a way. Who can blame me for enjoying a dream where I could just behave like a child? Rolling my eyes and just being really immature about the fact that the ex has a new girlfriend, something we can’t (or shouldn’t as I recently learned the hard way…) do in real life, but secretly kind of want to. Then again, you know, things really have to change when your mother is coming to tell you off in your dreams…therefore…let the challenge begin!

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