June 3, 2013

smiling in the rain.

as you can see i had a little face lift. i also finally added a facebook page and i am also working on a whole bunch of stories and ideas. i must admit that though i have the time, this weather is making me quite lethargic, so posts are not coming along as quickly as i would like them to. so while i trying to nap write i just wanted to leave you with a little monday inspiration.

a city sprint courier just came to drop something at my office. whenever i see him i feel a bit sorry for him; he looks too old to have to work and drive around on a vespa all day. when he came into my office now he was clad from head to toe in rain gear. it wasn’t raining when he arrived, but i still expressed my sympathy that he had to drive around in this mainly horrid weather today. he gave me the best smile ever and said agh, no worries, that’s just part of the job! and walked off.

i know we all have these moments when nothing seems right and comparing a chipped nail to starving children, doesn’t make the nail any less chipped and i think that’s okay. but sometimes, sometimes it’s good to get a little perspective. so thank you, mr city sprint (and yes, next time i see you, i will actually make the effort and find out your name) for giving me this perspective! next time when i want to bitch about nothing i will remember you and how you smiled off a hail storm as part of your job.

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