May 24, 2013

just my luck.

i guess it’s easy to get excited by really fancy restaurants, the ones with 101 course tasting menus and a 1 - 1 waiter  - guest ratio. i am not different. i would have compromised quite a bit of my integrity and my savings for a reservation at el bulli. i will also happily gain a dress size when my dad comes for holidays and we eat our way through the south african equivalents ( - am i allowed to say that? is there a south african equivalent to el bulli?).

sometimes however i don’t want fanciness in my mouth that i can’t even pronounce.

sometimes i want something that comes with less than 20 ingredients when the plate is as big is the size of my palm.

sometimes i want to eat something that is so good it can almost save an otherwise crappy evening. something so good that i will still remember it years to come and because of it i will remember the otherwise crappy evening fondly.

in other words sometimes i want smoked beef fillet with black pepper and truffle café au lait.

in case you have no clue what i am talking about – my friends and i have a reservation at the pot luck club tonight. call me spoiled but with all it is hyped to be it is still a in its way a simple friday night delight. mind you, we had been talking about going to their new location for forever and the other day we finally called for a reservation. we were all so excited that they had tables available in the not too distant future that we booked tables for 2 random dates for 6 random people.  tonight is one of these dates. in order to be fully prepared i asked them to send me their current menu. this is what we shall be eating tonight, yes all of it plus an extra portion of beef fillet only for me.

i do apologize for the slight overuse of exclamation points, but this menu has me THAT excited.

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