June 4, 2013

ain't no martha stewart.

i’m not really a sweets person. except for the occasional pms induced snickers i always prefer savoury over sweet for comfort food. i do like gummibears, but if some relative from germany is coming and ask me what i want i still prefer a stern to haribo. this year i found christmas chocolates in my fridge at easter and whenever vida e wants to give me a lindt i want to ask them if i can rather have some chips with my coffee. so no, i am even a fan of chocolate. gasp! what? the horror! i know, what kind of girl am i to not like chocolate? insert shaking head here.
the one thing i always did like was cake. probably because i was a bit deprived as a child when it came to cake. we would only have cake occasionally for a sunday afternoon treat.  my dad and i usually shared a slice of fruit cake. today we have tart, back then we had fruit cake and it usually involve canned fruit drenched in colour coordinated jelly. he ate the fruit and i ate the dough. it was perfect as we each got the part we liked best. for a big birthday party of his he once ordered crates of little fruit cakes with vanilla cream and berries. i do vividly remember that i ate all the left over ones including the fruit, they were just that good.
so moving here i fell in love with cassis not only for their macarons, which i still declare the bestest ever (i have yet to have ladurée), but also their little fruit tarts which are perfect for a single person’s appetite. the other day i was very excited to have gotten the last one. getting the last one of something always makes me feel special and extremely excited. even better it was a random wednesday and they told me i could pick another little cake. it was 2-for-1 day and yay for me. now i didn’t feel so excited anymore for getting the last fruit tart as there was no other. only chocolate left. i almost refused my free cake; this shows you just how little i care about chocolate.
cupcakes are also quite uninspiring to me, after all it is just dough and icing…bleh. i almost cried with disappointment after finally going to magnolia bakery in nyc to have one of their famous cupcakes. one does wonder how they ended up starring in so many movies and tv series when it was more icing with cupcake than a cupcake with icing, too dry and overly sweet; something my mum would refuse with the words i’m not spoiling my figure for junk

then tamboerswinkel opened and i tried one of their red velvet cupcakes with cheesecake icing because i have yet to eat anything there that i don’t like. it turned out to be a revelation and thanks to them i have developed a proper sweet tooth over the past few months. that is becoming a problem considering that i already have a wine and pasta addiction. it has even gone so far that i had an amazing bikram class last night while thinking about making cupcakes myself for the whole class.
about two weeks ago i set my oven on fire grilling bacon. my oven was a piece of shit already so i wasn’t sad to see it go. this oven was also my excuse that all my baking experiments so far have miserably failed been underwhelming. but with a new oven and proper measuring cups i thought how fun it would be to make my own cupcakes. after all cupcakes are no macarons and how card can it really be?
if you expect some beautiful step by step pictures and the recipe for the most glorious cupcakes of all times, go away! that’s how hard it is. 

with this picture, it is hereby official: i cannot bake. i very kindly ask cassis & co for future sweet cravings  sponsorship. i’d share my cupcakes for facebook likes, but i say you like my page as is and if you still want a cupcake i suggest you donate a blanket to charly’s bakery which is giving away a cupcake for each donated blanket. 


  1. shame man, they don't look so bad. i bet they taste really good.
    I love to bake but am not so concerned about presentation which kills those smug bakers. for me it's all about the taste. also i just throw loads of edible glitter on things and makes it all better. if you want a really nice baking book to try again, try annie bell's baking bible. so many different things and a lot of them very simple ingredients and recipes.
    don't give up!

    1. let's say they are edible. glitter would have been good, didn't think of that as I didn't think they would be making it so difficult.
      thanks for the book tip, but i think it is time to let it go now. this was a cupcake - really it doesn't get much easier (in theory). since i'm usually fine with one cake/cupcake/whatever i shall invest my money in buying one that is phenomenal instead of attempting to make a whole batch of just edible.

  2. As for disaster baking stories, I have many. One particular story is when my brothers dubbed my scones “Killer ninja stars”. You see, I didn’t know the difference between self-rising flour and plain flour, also that if you use plain flour you need to add baking powder. Thus what was supposed to be 12 x soft 2inch high golden scones, resulted in 12 x hard 0.1 inch brown “killer ninja stars”. Those stars were so hard that not even dipping them into coffee would they soften enough to eat. Oh I also over-baked them by 10mins. I cried!

    1. shame! i bet your brother ate them anyhow?! (knowing that boys pretty much eat anything)
      i do think it's a cool name though for a scone, should make it into a cookbook :)


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