June 14, 2013

reasons to jump out of bed and stab your toe.


this morning i woke up, jumped out of bed with excitement and stabbed my toe. why?

it was pouring like crazy outside!
usually this would entice me to stay in bed, but for some reason today it made me want to buy wellingtons and jump in puddles.

i am going to asia in a month and a half!
this is not news, but once in a while it just hits me that it is really going to happen.
i remembered the quail that tasted like waffle i ate at dear me last night!
yes, you read correctly – a quail that tasted like waffle. the sad thing is that after eating something that amazing you really don’t want to eat anything else ever again. and definitely not a measly banana for breakfast.

it’s friday and we are having three days off!
enough said. have a great weekend.

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