May 7, 2013


I had an ex who used to call me Punk. He called his baby nephew punk too so one can argue if it was endearing or insulting. Yesterday it was time for the Met Costume Gala again and they went with the theme .  Punk: From Chaos to Couture. Again one could argue if it was endearing or insulting. Creating a punk themed red carpet fashion event was the antithesis of punk itself as Kristen McMenamy argued. "Punk is not putting it on. Punk is angry. Punk is not pretending. Punk is real. This is like a costume party for punk." 

At least Debbie Harry admitted "I'm not really a punk, you know. I'm just a schmuck," though the way she looked, she at least got the memo. A lot of others didn't  Or did and in the true regard of punk didn't give a damn how they looked like or whether their looks worked in the parameters of punk-y chaos and couture. There was an overwhelming amount of flowers, which I didn't get at all, and I am not even having a go at poor Kim K. Let’s just blame it on her pregnancy brain and an overwhelming desire to please her stylist boyfriend. Personally I think Anna Wintour’s flower look was worse. She really had no excuse not to know and do better. 

As far as the others were concerned I seem to stand alone with my thoughts on who got it right and who didn't  That’s fine. I will stand by me when I say that I think Anne Hathaway rocked. And Sarah Jessica Parker is the best dressed queen of punk. And though January Jones looked a bit creepy, she also looked unbelievably cool. And that I have to shamefully admit and usher the words I never thought would pass my fingertips:  I liked how Miley looked. I thought it was cool and appropriate. Please don’t hate me.



Then there were some who tried and failed, but they can be forgiven and get a little gold spike for at least trying. And so do the ones who ended up spike and mesh free, but pretty enough.
However then there were the ones who played it safe, but ended up looking…how-should-we-delicately-describe-it? …weird! Yes, weird is the nicest word I can find.
Cameron Diaz was one of them.  Mind you, I don’t like her much to begin with; my mother and I both agree that she has a frog face, so I might be a bit prejudiced. But really… if you want to play it safe, don’t you at least want to end up looking gorgeous?
Gwyneth Paltrow also got shy after making too many headlines, at least for her liking, last week with no underwear underneath little fabric. I personally liked her better then. But it could also be that though this dress is a Barbie’s dream-come-true, it is just too pink to be any good in real life.


Last but not least my all-time favourite and go to person to hate: Kirsten Stewart. Now I think we can all agree she has a sour puss face doesn't like to smile much. She usually sports a face a bit angry and devoid of happiness. A face made for punk and dishevelled hair to match. And instead of embracing a perfect opportunity to shine in darkness and embrace her inner Morticia Adams, she wears this:

This leaves only one question. Why?

All pictures from and See my last year’s best and worst here.

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