May 15, 2013

about me.

i recently made the decision that i want to upgrade this blog on a whole lot of levels. but as i mentioned in my last post i am a lazy sock so despite me having a lot of time right now (see, i already did learn to admit – i am not too busy!), not a whole lot has happened yet. add to my general state of mind that i have to pack for a camping trip in desolate wilderness beautiful platbos forest and you will see me in a slight state of panic not conducive to writing or making blog upgrades.
so i decided to do a go-to post for lazy socks bloggers and make a list with random things about myself. under the pretence that it will eventually move into the about me section,  it will thus qualify as part of the upgrading and not be a complete and utter sign of my laziness.

x things, i didn't count how many, about me:

apparently i'm a funny and not only by german standards.

i speak english with an american/german/south african accent. my uncle still calls it my bloody yankee accent but he also calls my motorcycle boots cowboy boots so his americanisms are clearly a bit off.

i like to travel and to come home equally much.

compared to mine, modern family is quite old school, most days i'm okay with that. i have A LOT of cousins and sometimes i number them for easy reference but not necessarily in the order or importance.

i like to drink wine and do yoga equally and together on special occasion. therefore i claim the title queen of wine.

i teach bikram and find that any other forms of yoga are stupid just not for me.

my parents made me take a typing class after school. that was the single most useful thing i ever learned though i hated it at the time and they had to bribe me with mc donald’s lunches.

giraffes are my favourite animals so i tend not to post very many cat pictures. if that is what you came for, sorry.

i have very messy hair. i use de-volumizer and to the demise of most tie my hair up all the time because i end up looking like a baby bear if í don’t.

i was a complete failure in physics. my teacher said i owed him a six-pack for enduring me in his class for a whole semester. i told him this logic could work either way. we called it even and nobody got beer.

i do kiss and tell sometimes. i kiss well and tell good stories too, so just consider yourself flattered if i involve you in either.

as my mind is busy packing for said camping trip i may or may not have forgotten important details about myself. so if you detect something that I missed and you need to know – just ask away, I will answer almost anything. 


  1. My one 2013 New Year’s Resolution was to not kiss and tell, so far it has been manageable within circumstances.

    p.s luv giraffes too much too

    1. haha - pity that. usually makes for good stories, especially if the kissing part wasn't. i think i haven't kissed enough this year, maybe i need to get on that when suffering from writer's block next.

    2. For that exact reason "good story" is why I am choosing NOT to kiss and tell this year. My random ramblings tend to extend further than tea time talk and when your boss knows more about your social life than you thought, you know it was a "good story".

      p.s Nha Trang is an excellent spot to find a kissing partner / holiday romance / good story

    3. As good as the Moroccan desert? Mh, sounds good.

    4. Did the Moroccan desert include copius amounts of alcohol, silly dancing to 90's music, a 30hour stay awake, meeting an irish english teacher and repeating on night two??

      If so, well yes it will be good!

  2. keep kissing and telling. those stories are the best!

    1. I shall do my best. Which would entail leaving the house and finding someone to kiss...


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