May 13, 2013


These days I am having too many things swirling around in my head that I should/ could do and as a result I am basically getting done not much of anything. I stopped to beat myself up about it last week when I had an upset stomach. It provided me with the best excuse ever for doing absolutely nothing. It lasted for one day only though (lucky me – really I don’t do well on crackers and tea) and so my good excuse of laying low was out of the window in an instant. This weekend I was battling with a cold. Again good excuse there. But quite frankly I am tired of the good excuses, I’d rather get stuff done and stop having the attention span of a fruit fly. Do you know the feeling? Can you imagine how long it took me to write this post?! Well, not the actually writing part, but to get it posted? How many times I checked Twitter. And then Facebook. And then Twitter again, because mind you, something life altering may happen while I write this post and I would miss it. Then what? When people ask me where I was while the life altering thing happened, I would have to admit I wasn't watching it live online, because I didn't check Twitter that instance, I was just sitting here writing a little post. Can you imagine?!
 Apparently it is not just me though. I came across a post by Mike Stopforth yesterday (yes, on Twitter and no, the irony is not lost on me), describing how most of us feel like we don’t have enough time in our day to do the things we deem worthwhile. How an easy change on how we should allocate time priorities can make all the difference and it doesn't mean that we need to learn how to function on 3 hours of sleep (which is my biggest fear whenever someone mentions time management or making more of your day or such). Obviously I have not mastered this art quite yet, after all there is a discussion on Twitter going on about the proper spelling of the name Shioban and wouldn't I need to know all about it! But he eloquently put a finger on something that got me thinking and I think I need to address in my own life. I realized when reading it, that I do have a problem with time. As a friend and I once discussed - we are lazy socks (German expression, don’t ask!) and I don’t like it. It hit me when my friend sent me a link to help out with a NewKidz project and I wondered if I could spare the time to do it. Just to put it into perspective: we are talking about 3 hours on a Saturday, spent with my friends, helping homeless kids, while my work is off season and I spend about 5 hours at the office tops. And yes, I still thought I might be too busy. Luckily I started to feel a bit ashamed of myself, which made me realize how silly I am with my time, that I have plenty, I just need to find focus and shift some priorities around. So yes, I signed up. A first baby step on the road to have more time to do more things that actually matter.
On the note of things that matter… I think I may have promised that I will never ask you to vote for me when competing for president/ favourite yoga teacher of the year/ bestest giraffe blog ever and I will keep my word. However I will ask you for money.
Please buy me a tree for Greenpop’s Reforestfest!
You can also buy 2.5 as my friend Deniz did last year, but mind you, the trees we planted were still so little, you could count them as half trees. Either way it just means a tree is R 100/ EUR 10/ $8, but you can donate as much or little as you can want to afford. Do it easy peasy here (follow the link, secure credit card transaction or EFT if you are in SA), instant gratification of making the world a better place and if you insist I will dress up as a forest fairy again, pose with your tree  and send you a picture.

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