April 9, 2013

Messy hair and inside smiling.

The weekend brought little improvement to my general mood. On Sunday I almost cried while driving to teach a class, because I was just so desperate to practise myself. Don’t get me wrong - I love teaching; I think I never had a more favourite job and I wouldn't even call it that. It usually makes me very happy to teach, but this time I just really didn't want to, I just really needed to slay an inner dragon or two on the mat myself. Anyhow…I couldn't  And yes, it was fine. And no, I didn't burst in tears. And no, I didn't torture my students a lot more than usual because of my frustration, though some may disagree…
However it just showed me that I am not completely back on track yet in terms of unwavering enthusiasm for life. I shall ignore your question of - am I ever? But at least I re-learned the lesson of appreciating the small things in life. Some you may call minute, but they still made me smile. At least from the inside.

Yesterday I added an extra ¼ mozzarella ball to my salad, to the ½ ball that was already in.
 It made me happy.
And then it made a little bit nauseous.
But happy was definitely first.

A proper GAP store.
One that is not in the Northern Suburbs.
One filled with jeans that fit me.
One with staff that was quite American. As in friendly and helpful.

A dance party in my lounge.
You can think about Grey’s Anatomy in general or me for watching too much and mentioning it way too often whatever you like, but it reminded me to have a dance party in my lounge.
Bestest idea ever.
Instant mood enhancers.
Almost like wine.

Thank you, big brother!

But nothing made smile more than finding this:

Yup. In case you wonder what this post is all about - this is it. I just needed a reason to show you this.
Me in a nutshell.
If my hair would ever fit in a nutshell that is.


  1. I spent the weekend crying, fearing the question "How are you?" and wanting to pull my hair out everytime someone said "I'm sorry" to me. Maybe I should invest in cheese too

    1. "How are you?" can be a loaded question even if people really mean well I have realized. I'd say rather do the dance party - that was really awesome and can be repeated at any time if needed!


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