April 12, 2013


I am on honeymoon. With my iPhone. At least that’s how I imagine honeymoon will feel like. This is how honeymoon should feel like. If it doesn't, I think you are doing it wrong.

Considering that I was the first in college to sport a red iMac in the dorm, I know that I am surprisingly late with getting iPhone. The reason is simply that I can fly to Bangkok for the price of an iPhone. And since I actually am flying to Bangkok, I couldn't spend the money even if I wanted to.
Last week I decided to take a chance and ask around overseas if anyone could help. Lucky for me the stars aligned and my brother has taken pity on his poor African relative and given me his old one - free.  
Clad in an old Hermes box a client of mine brought it with from Germany - free.
My company’s wonderful contact at Vodacom sorted out my SIM swap and patiently helped a technically challenged girl activating it – free.
Then my also wonderful college helped me set up it up so I can play Angry Birds – free.
So here’s to all the guys in my life this week who saved me a lot of money and basically brought you this:

me + stripes + instagram = finally hipster.

P.S. And as all new iPhone owners probably did when they first got it, way back then … I will instagram the shit out things and you can follow me here. Please indulge me for a week or so. After all I'm basically a newly-wed.


  1. You'll need to instagram :-

    * A plate of food
    * A cocktail
    * A cat
    * A selfie
    * A sunset

    to be really part of the instastyle :P

  2. Okay...

    food - done @ Taste of Cape Town
    cocktail - does green juice count?
    cat - will do when the kittens come to the office again.
    a selfie - gosh, i even disklike the word...but already done.
    sunset? - bleh. boring. i rather instagram the moon.


  3. So come on what's your Instagram name??? Kez x


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