February 28, 2013

Food for thought.

It is apparently bad etiquette to beg for any kind of votes or followers from readers and friends alike. I know, I know…But guess what? I will do it anyhow. Because if I beg enough I could win dinner in Mexico. And breakfast. And lunch. Basically a whole holiday with no pretence to see ancient temples or museums, a holiday for no other reason but just to stuff my face with little thingies* and other Mexican delicacies. Considering that I come from a family of avid Tequila drinkers, have a Mexican best friend, and already know how to make a killer guacamole, I think I make an excellent contestant to broaden my food horizon in the land itself.

So take a look at my board here, follow me on Pinterest, and if I win - Tequila for everybody!

I found and used this video about the Café Dao and its wonderful owners in Hoi An as inspiration. Though not Mexican, it represents everything what food is all about for me...family, friendship, colours, cultural heritage, sharing, conversation, and love.

Cafe Dao from tewfic el-sawy on Vimeo.

*Taquitos. They are called taquitos. Gladys would make them for me if I begged and pleaded long enough. I could never remember the name so dubbed them little thingies. Not an appropriate term though if you try to order in a restaurant as I have come to realize.

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