February 11, 2013

And this is what you missed - in the paper.

I made page 5 of the Weekend Argus!

Not that I did something to deserve it, unless you can call me deserving for being scammed by the evil travel agent. In which case I still think I’d rather deserve my R 16 000 back than my picture in the paper, but I wasn’t given a choice in the matter.
I guess it is still better than ending on page 6 due to a dubious outfit on a red carpet or an illicit affair with a politician, doing the walk of shame from his place in the wee morning hours. But of course the accompanying picture still managed to suck big time, walk of shame or not. I kind of knew that would happen though, even before the photographer arrived at my office and I could feel important for having my picture taken. As we know I hate to have my picture taken and usually there has to be much alcohol involved for me to volunteer. Bit of a task at ten in the morning. Then I got the instructions to gaze sadly out of the window and I knew all was lost. Just the thing I do, every day since it happened, gazing and hoping my money will reappear miraculously on the horizon. But I guess that’s how newspapers work and in all fairness it is not the photographer’s fault that my nose looks huge in the picture. I did after all just tell her to make my double chin disappear, which she did.

My friend in Canada found the online version here. Though it might not be the next Watergate, I’m happy it’s in print. We, the ETAAs (Evil Travel Agent Anonymous), are still keen to get her even beyond Dubai borders – so please spread the story and of course make sure your next e-ticket number is valid for a round trip before you board a plane.

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