March 4, 2013

One wedding and two unkissed frogs.

We have thoroughly examined my inability to pack and how when the time comes I always sit like a deer in headlights and just stare at my suitcase, right? Well as things go last Thursday I had to brave the unwanted task yet again and this time multiplied in its magnitude of what the heck should I take and how am I going to fit it all? It was my cousin’s wedding on Saturday and as much as I was all excited for a road trip (and yes, Grabouw makes it a road trip in my books!), a gathering with some a lot of my favourite people over wine and food, and of course the overall soppiness of a beautiful occasion, I had no clue what to take. Which was partly due to the fact that the groom who was in charge of two things, invitation and accommodation, but didn't get around to either. So I basically didn't know if there was any dress code and since I was scheduled to sleep in a tent I would have to get wedding ready in a bathroom which was called 'a clean ablution block' on the farm’s website.

Luckily I wasn't a slave styling assistant for years for nothing.

So I dug out my pink unicorn headlamp and an old dress, which was chic enough to match any dress code, yet slutty enough to make it appropriate for a sailor’s wedding (not a euphemism, my cousin is actually a captain) and I thought me ready for anything. The next day I even managed to buy some padkos though I realize I need to re-evaluate the concept of padkos as surely it doesn't count if you eat it all before you even hit the N2 or does it?

The drive went as smoothly as a drive can be with me and two cousins and no vodka:

Cousin 1: Did you bring vodka?
Me: No sorry.
Cousin 1: But what’s in the bottle then?
Me: That’s my yoga water bottle. Filled with water.
Cousin 1: Pity, it looked like a Grey Goose bottle.

Obviously there was much sex talk as we were driving to a wedding and thus deemed it the perfect topic of conversation.

Cousin 2: Let’s talk about sex.

And much screeching singing and me almost driving into the orchards while Night Fever was playing.

Me: Night fever, night feeveeeer!
Cousin 1: Whoo – why is there an apple tree in the middle of the road?

Somehow we managed to arrive all three of us and my little car intact.
Then there was…

A lake.

Fairy lights. Yay!

A slip ‘n slide with more adults fully dressed on it than I cared to count.

Tequila shots more than I cared to count.

Two swims around the entire lake and the realization that you do need your abs to swim…who would have guessed?

A DJ and a squazilionair, applying to become members of my family by the end of the weekend.

Countless pairs of shoes, cast aside after we opened the dance floor, patiently waiting for their owners to find them the next day.

A bit of magic all around.

Two frogs. Unkissed. At least one of them, as far as I know. Both may have been kissed. If you kissed one too, comment now or be forever silent.

The bestest chocolate cake ever. Seeing that it was delivered in person - do you read this, Callie?? – gives me hope that he may yet cave and make one little cheesecake for my birthday…

Oh yes, last but not least there was also a beautiful bride and a handsome groom and they both said yes!

Here are some little snapshots. I will not even try to explain the hats and wigs...

One should mention that there was however neither a full length mirror nor a power plug in our tent as some people…ehm, cousin 1?!...thought there would be. With that in mind I think I deserve a medal for my glamping skills.


  1. Hey - I kissed one of those frogs (no euphemisms intended) and nothin happened! Luckily I still got to go bed with prince of a husband.

  2. Great now I have to change the title! Guess I should have asked around before, but since I have only come as close as almost eating frog legs and not kissing one, I just jumped to conclusions it seems.


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