February 7, 2013

A list.

This week I haven’t been feeling particular happy and definitely not very grateful for pretty much anything in my life. Grateful for stepmother’s throat? Please! Then I stumbled upon the blog of Moorea Seal and her 52 Lists project. Just because I always leave my grocery lists at home, doesn’t mean I don’t love a good list, so I was immediately intrigued. Especially since this week’s list was about things we are grateful for and that gave me something to think. And I realized that once again the devil is in the details and sometimes in the small things, the old, and the familiar.

So here is my little list:

¼Diamonds, almond croissants, and rosé bubbly.
I went to Cassis last night and there was a whole basket of sad looking almond croissants left from the day. My I-love-ugly-kitten complex almost won and made me buy them all. Almost. Sanity prevailed. Annika, an almond croissant is not a kitten, no it is not looking sad, it’s not looking at you at all. It is a croissant which has no eyes!!
¼The wonders of modern medicine and a GP who calls me angel, though god knows I don’t deserve it.
And anyone who knows me, knows how it would usually annoy me to be called angel, but for some reason he is the type who can get away with it, leaving me even feeling special. I blame the English accent.
¼Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book.
¼My new neighbour who looks like Antonia Benigni. But with a sixpack.
Antonio. Of course. I had to make the one typo a gender defining one. Sorry, but I don’t actually like girls with six-packs.
¼  Having a family and actually liking them. Most of the time.
¼My yoga mat a.k.a. lightsaber for inner demons.
¼My courage. Especially my courage to drink green juice.
I have come to the realization that green juicing is not for the faint hearted. So yes, I need courage to down that stuff.
¼My crappy, little camera which despite its crappiness has managed some of the most amazing pictures.
¼A non-windy Cape Town.*
*Which it isn’t. So that makes me also grateful for my never waning wishful thinking.
Pretty please, dear weather man – no more broken windows and basil blown off my balcony!
¼The tingling anticipation of planning a new trip.
¼Steve McCurry pictures.
Looking at his pictures feels like falling in love to me.


All pictures by Steve McCurry. Find more here: stevemccurry.com


  1. The second last photo from Steve McCurry is taken inside Ta Prohm which you'll visit at Angkor Wat on your Cambodia trip :) That temple is surreal leaving you speechless.

  2. Love this post! Gratitude lists are so inspirational. It's so important to remember to be grateful for the big and small things!

    1. Thanks and agreed. Especially on a Monday. Especially now when I am re-reading this list and so much has already progressed - I will see those temples with my own eyes in about two weeks and share what I see through the pictures I will take with my awesome new camera!


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