February 14, 2013

I love you.

Just in time for the V day I wrote another list, appropriately themed Ways in which you can love others. Many ways came to mind for me. Obviously most of them included making pizza or pasta, because we know the love-stomach connection and how I cannot really cook anything else. But then I thought about the times when I felt especially loved and I remembered how my first boyfriend would write me letters all the time. I kept them in a box for years and sometimes, long after we were no more, I would take them out and it would make me really happy to read them again. It made me happy to know that someone had loved me like he did and to sort of hold the proof of it…to have it in writing.
Is it conceited to presume it means something to someone that I love them? Maybe. But just in case it does, I thought I should pay it forward and also put it writing.

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