January 1, 2012

Bonne Annee.

The idea of getting all dressed up for New Year's and make a plan to get to one party or another actually scares me. Choosing a New Year's party is sort of choosing a line at the grocery store, you always feel like you picked the wrong one.
Call me lame, I don't even care, but I am happily sitting on the terrace of our hotel after a nice shower, wearing harem pants and a tank top with a big glass of Cuba Libre in my hand. Across from me is a group of girls, all dolled up for the special night out, and despite that I would never wear a silver sequence dress unless it was Dior to begin with, I do not envy them a bit.
In our little fridge we have a proper bottle of French champagne, baguette, camembert, and smoked salmon followed by a desert of Kinder Bueno (though widely available now, it will always remind me of vacation in Malta with 15 when I ate it the first time, so it is my vacation treat).
In addition we have my Dad's bridge book, my Murakami, and a shared laptop – everything one needs for a good evening in my opinion. Having this said, however you choose to pass your evening, I hope you are having a good one... I am off to make 'Schnittchen' as my Dad calls it.

Bonne Annee!

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