January 18, 2012


Today is the first day in two weeks that seems to be a normal office day including me leaving at six o’clock. Work has been manic and though I have been slightly anxious at times, I also realize in this day and age one mustn’t complain when work is busy.
I still relish today being quiet and the phone hasn’t ringed once yet. So here I am to catch up. Or to reminisce. My Dad only left a week ago, but it already feels like forever. And though I am happy to have my little flat to myself again, I do miss him since we had such a nice time together.

My favourite part was that thanks to my wonderful cousin Nikki, I finally got the big Christmas I always wanted ever since I first watched ‘Home Alone’. She and her husband gave my Dad a voucher for a day, all expenses paid, at the Cricket, and my Dad took to it like a fish to water.

At some point I got a text from my cousin saying: Your dad drunk, streaking, and singing dirty songs, what shall we do?Me: Film it!
Upon questioning my Dad later how it had come to this, he just snickered and said: Nikki and I made that up to tease you. 
(I should add that at this point he still seemed slightly intoxicated and could not remember who South Africa had beaten in the game, so I don’t think it was entirely made up, but I stopped questioning him at this point).

So here’s to good times and till next year, Papi!

Strange Christmas Beings

La Perla fare-well.

Preparations for our Betty's Bay feast.

Dad and Colleen at the Harry Potter Garden (as I call it).

"Jack, I can fly!"

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