January 11, 2012

Things in my head.

Apparently my absence has been noticed. I apologize, it already feels like forever when I last wrote. The truth is I had a rocky start into the new year or at least that's what it felt like inside of me every morning when I had to get up. There was nothing to write, I couldn't, because I actually didn't feel very funny or that I had anything to share. 

Since yesterday things are looking up though. Something just shifted and here I am again, sitting in my chair. I just took my Dad to the airport and now I'm by myself in my little flat for the first time in a month and I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. The flat is clean, the mess (of two people sharing a small space, I don't blame my Dad!) is gone and I miss it already.

Work is crazy and I need to remind myself to breathe constantly and that things always work out in the end.

A new guy with all the craziness, the butterflies, the unanswered questions, the insecurities, the smiles, and everything that goes along with getting to know someone, letting someone new into your life.

...bits and bobs here, I seem not to be able to string a coherent story quite yet... I will work on it on the weekend and that's a promise...

Two announcement that already make this new year quite rocking and that need to be made:

I have my own yoga spot from next week onwards. I will call it: Come sweat with me! And it's Tuesday nights at 19h30 at Jai. I don't know if anyone except me wants to do yoga that late in the evening, but I sincerely hope that once Miss Julia will be back in town, I will have at least one student...and she will be back in town very soon and for very long – hurrah for my soulmate friend Julia, who is coming back in February!

Enough bits for tonight. I'm off to watch a movie, eat quesadilla, and not speak for an evening.


  1. (...) Und meine Seele
    spannte weit ihre Flügel aus,
    flog durch die stillen Lande,
    als flöge sie nach Haus.
    - Joseph von Eichendorff

    In thrilled anticipation of spending the last days of summer together...J.

  2. Catch up time! Have missed you my dear one.


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