September 22, 2011

Same old, same old.

Or so it seems right now. If your heart is heavy it does affect the head too. It makes holding it up high so much harder, yet one knows that is the only solution to the problem in the first place.

There is a new One-who-must-not-be-named in town (which you may have guessed after yesterday's post). At least for the week. The week is almost over and calendar settings have always helped me with matters of the heart, so I am hopeful that by Monday I will be my old cheerful self again.

In the meanwhile I allow myself to mope (if it gets too bad though, I blame PMS, otherwise I would feel pathetic on top of everything else) and enjoy waste amounts of tequila & co. I will also sarcastically call it a great coincidence that Air Austral has changed our flight times to Reunion for Christmas holidays so drastically that I basically have to rearrange the entire trip. This incident allowed me to call their call centre and yell at the representative. Not my finest hour, but I did blow off quite a bit of steam which was good.

To not aquire to much more bad karma by screaming at innocent by-standers who just happened to cross me, I have a simple, but hopefulle effective strategy in place to get me through till Monday:

In no particular order...instead of taking deep breaths...

Girls' night out

Chanel lipstick from Julia

Exhibit opening


Family time


A cute guy to flirt with a little to take the edge off

Watching Hanna (no one can mope or have any romantic thoughts when watching a movie about a teenage assassin somewhere in the Arctic)

Coconut fragrance

Okay, off now to get into the heels, back to my funny self on Monday.

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