September 1, 2011

A hot combination.

I dream of yoga classes all the time, I guess it just comes with the territory. Last night was noteworthy though: Alexander Skarsgard alias vampire Eric from True Blood was in class with me, attempting to do Bikram yoga in a long white fur coat!
The girls where ooohing and aahing and gushing over him, but he just ignored us. To be fair we were there to do yoga not stare, but still... We therefore started discussing the other lekker options of men and fantasy creatures from the show. I guess we wanted to show him that he wasn’t the only one. The conversation got more and more heated and I even threw in: “Yes, and what about the hot pirates and werewolves?” Pirates?? Not sure where that came from, but I’m pretty sure with all creatures running around, True Blood has yet to introduce pirates. Maybe I was thinking Jack Sparrow was hot enough to be included in the mix...
The fun really started when the boys joined the conversation and listed the girls they liked. One guy described a girl character, which may or may not be on the show – after all this is still my dream – and said he liked her because she was so down to earth and economical. Have you ever laughed out loud in a dream? I did when I heard that.
I’m not even sure what that would mean for a girl, a car, yes, a car is economical, but a girl? How sad that you would make that your priority when dreaming about movie characters you will never meet in real life anyhow. Okay, I won’t get worked up anymore, it was only a dream after all, but down to earth is already one of my No.1 most hated phrases, but it was topped by economical here.

So this morning just for fun and in an attempt to find the true meaning of this dream I googled: “Vampire Eric doing Bikram yoga in a white fur coat”. The first link coming up was for Vampire Diaries, obviously completely missing the mark, but then I saw this: Yogaposeur. I am not sure how the blood stain remover relates to a cynical yoga website, but I thought that Google did quite well with this link. From there it led me to another vampire-yoga connection : The Twilight -New Moon Pose at Hipsteryoga (Which is a website awesome altogether.)

It seems like vampires doing yoga are everywhere right now. Wow, my dreams are so in!


  1. You so funnnnnyyyy - only you would actually google something like that!

  2. Ach, I knew it would be BS, but I liked to see what they would come up with...


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