September 21, 2011

A morning after tale.

I was about to post a list of my newest obsession, but then I got bored and started thinking about the concept of ‘the morning after’ instead. I decided it would make a far more interesting read, considering that my obsessions included things like carnations, chilli, and Thorn Birds.
The phrase ‘the morning after’ usually has a bad connotation and implies at least a bad hangover. For me it mainly just means confusion. As the night before usually entails some sort of ecstasy and the morning means facing daylight and its’ consequences. Been there? Done that. A typical morning after for me will include any amount of the following:
  • Wearing the same clothes to work two days in a row, hoping the boss won’t notice.
  • Engen hangover breakfast.
  • Staring at my phone, urging it to ring scenarios. I also tend to wonder what girls were staring at before there were telephones. Just out of the window? Probably a better view than staring at an iPhone.
  • Flashbacks of the previous night, which make me cringe. Did I really say that out loud? Ups. Must have been that second glass of whiskey talking...
  • Begging my co-worker to get me KFC lunch.
  • Flashbacks of the previous night, which make me smile.
  • Fruitless attempts to get any work done.
  • Lots of deep breaths taking and the realization that taking deep breaths is quite overrated.
  • Severe longing for the days when my bedroom was still next to my parents’ so mornings after had a whole different meaning and would just include a few curious looks from my Mum over breakfast.
  • Day dreaming about an evening of pasta and Friends re-runs.
Summing this list up, I had the grand epiphany that the single person’s worst enemy is not the first date, but the morning after.
Why we still do it then except for the obvious reasons i.e. the preceding night?
Because there is just nothing better than tired eyes that still sparkle and a tiny smile in the corner of the mouth, which lingers the whole day.


  1. Ouch... I have had too many mornings after to count, and I would have hoped that at 35 they would have become less...

  2. i know me too - when will i learn to listen to my mother??


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